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 Episode 1: "Sakura and the Mysterious Book."

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PostSubject: Episode 1: "Sakura and the Mysterious Book."   Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:00 am

Here are the episodes of Sakura with English Subtitules:
The whole three seasons of Card Captor Sakura with English Subs:

Episode 1 Script:

Sakura: What?... Who’s calling me?
Sakura: Tokyo’s Tower...
Name of the episode:
Narrator: Sakura and the Mysterious Book
Sakura: *Screams* Oh it was… this sound
Fujitaka: Sakura! The breakfast is almost ready
Sakura: Coming!
Sakura: (Narrating) My name is Sakura Kinomoto I’m in fourth grade at Tomoeda Elementary. My favorite subjects are Physical Education and Music. My least favorite subject is Arithmetic. I’m a very cheerful girl with so much energy. My family is: …
Sakura: Good Morning!
Touya: Why you were making so much noise?
Sakura: I wasn’t making anything…
Touya: Yeah? But I could listen your steps.
Sakura: Not true, I was walking normally!
Touya: Yeah right… Your steps listened like the ones monsters do.
Sakura: I’m not a monster!
Sakura: (Narrating) My brother Touya keeps bothering me. He is on second year of college. He’s studying in Seijou Academy, which is very close to my school. And as you can see he keeps bothering me, he takes advantage because I’m shorter than him, it’s not fair! One day I’ll grow up as a lamp post and I swear that I’ll… stump on him!
Fujitaka: It’s so early and you get along very well!
Sakura: (Narrating) That man is my dad his name is Fujitaka. He teaches in the university, he specializes in archeology he’s very good. Also, he’s a great chef!
Sakura: It looks delicious! Thank you very much for the food!
Sakura: (Narrating) That’s my family… Uhh? My mother? Well she passed by when I was only three years old but I don’t feel alone, my dad is with me, my brother too even though he likes to bother me.
Fujitaka: Is it’s great?
Sakura: mhm! (Nodding)
Touya: Thanks for the food.
Sakura: Huh? You’re leaving now?
Touya: I have soccer practice in the morning.
Fujitaka: Take care.
Touya: See you later.
Sakura: Wait me please!
Sakura: I-I’m done!
Fujitaka: Satisfied Sakura?
Sakura: (Just Nods)
Fujitaka: Take your lunch.
Sakura: And my brother?
Fujitaka: He left some time ago.
Sakura: Uish!
Fujitaka: You’ll have practice today?
Sakura: Yes. I’m leaving!
Fujitaka: Take care!
Sakura: How far will my brother be?
Sakura: Oh! I see him
Sakura: Hey, wait! Don’t leave me! *Sigh*
Touya: Hey Sakura, you will not have problems if you arrive a little later…
Sakura: It’s because… (Thinking) It’s because that guy goes to the college with my brother every day.
Touya: Hi Yuki!
Yukito: Hello! Good morning.
Touya: Hi…
Yukito: Good morning Touya.
Yukito: Good morning Sakura, today you woke up very early.
Sakura: Yes!
Touya: She ate her breakfast in only five minutes…
Yukito: Today you woke up with so much energy!
Sakura: (Narrating) His name is Yukito Tsukishirou. He’s in the same class as my brother. He’s such a kind, charming and wonderful person. I wonder how he became friends with someone like my big brother.
Yukito: Well, see you later Sakura!
Sakura: (Thinking) *Sigh* We arrived…
Yukito: Bye!
Sakura: *Sight* Yukito…
Tomoyo: What a good strategy!
Sakura: Tomoyo…
Tomoyo: He’s a lady-killer! He left you a gift…
Sakura: Hi… Good morning, how are you?
Tomoyo: You’re so kind, good morning Sakura.
Sakura: (Narrating) She’s Tomoyo Daidouji. She’s my best friend from all the school. She’s very intelligent, beautiful and in addition, she’s the daughter of the boss of a big company.
Tomoyo: You looked really cute when you put that face, Sakura.
Tomoyo: When you took the candy and you were spellbound while he was leaving.
Sakura: Hey, wait a moment…
Tomoyo: I would have liked to take a picture or a video of you.
Sakura: You’re listening?
Sakura: (Narrating) The pastime of Tomoyo is to take pictures and record with a video camera. She likes very much to do it!
Tomoyo: Let me tell you that I just bought a video camera! And you’ll pose for me please!
Sakura: But, don’t you think it’s funnier to record other things and persons than me?
Tomoyo: It’s because, I can’t avoid it because there’s not any other person more beautiful and funnier than you!... Beginning from tomorrow I’ll bring my new video camera!
Sakura: (Narrating) maybe you’ll think Tomoyo is weird.
Teacher: Suddenly, when I turned, I saw the face of a kid that was looking at the sky open-mouthed. Probably he was surprised. It must have been because of the magic orange.
Sakura: That girl… was me?
Tomoyo: What a beautiful drawing you did! What animal is it?
Teacher: Well Mrs. Kinomoto continue reading.
Sakura: Yes!
Sakura: I’ll tell you later…
Tomoyo: Begin from the twelfth row.
Sakura: It must have been because of the magic orange, you know, because it transformed into a beautiful butterfly.
All the girls: Wow! Unbelievable!
Naoko: It was amazing Sakura!
Shiharu: Yeah! I think it was wonderful!
Teacher: Thank you for your demonstration. Now we’ll practice with another tool. So, have your batons ready.
Sakura: (Thinking) I can’t stop thinking about that dream. I’ll tell that dream to Tomoyo later.
Shiharu: Sakura is an expert in the sports and know how to make juggling with the baton…
Naoko: Mhm (Nodding)
Shiharu: But sometimes it’s not her lucky day, right?
Naoko: Mhm (Nodding)
Sakura: I’m here!
Sakura: Huh?
Sakura: (Reading) I’ll arrive at 9 pm o’clock. Well… My dad will arrive late today.
Sakura: Huh?
Sakura: There’s someone here?
Sakura: (Thinking) It’s bad that my dad and my brother are not here today.
Sakura: (Thinking) The noise is coming from my dad’s library. What will I do? And if it’s a thief?
Sakura: (Thinking) I’ll take a look from the door, and if there’s someone inside I’ll call the police.
Sakura: But there’s no one here.
Sakura: It’s this book…
Sakura: *Screams*
Sakura: It’s a card…
Sakura: It says wi… How is it pronounced?... Win… Windy!
Sakura: *Screams*
Sakura: OH MY GOD! What’s this?
Sakura: *Screams*
Kero: Hey-Hey Hooo!
Sakura: Huh?
Kero: How weird, I wake up and what I see is a girl…
Sakura: Y-your voice is weird…
Kero: Well, what happens is that before I fell asleep I went to a play and they said that phrase…
Sakura: And the batteries?! Where’s the switch?! Where does your voice come from?!
Kero: I’m not a toy! I’m the guardian that keeps this book sealed. My name is Kerberus.
Sakura: Sealed?... Kerberus?
Kero: That’s right! I’m in charge of keeping these cards sealed and protecting them from falling into the wrong hands. *Screams* The cards! They disappeared! Why?! Why?! Why they are not here?! Where they can be?
Sakura: Are you referring to this?
Kero: Yes, yes, yeah this, yeah this… I’m referring to this… Where are the other cards?
Sakura: Well look, when I read the word “Windy”
Kero: Uh-huh
Sakura: All of a sudden a blizzard appeared…
Kero: Uh-huh, Uh-huh
Sakura: And all of a sudden all the cards blew…
Kero: I see…
Both Sakura and Kero: Hahahahaha
Kero: What?!
*Sakura’s making noises while eating very fast*
Sakura: Thank you for the food!
Touya: Where are you going with that?
Sakura: How are you doing?
Kero: Bad… I have no idea of where are the cards…
Sakura: Take… *Delivering the desert*
Kero: Oh, it looks delicious!
Kero: Inside this book the Clow Cards were sealed…
Sakura: The Clow Cards?
Kero: The Clow Cards… When their seal is released the chaos will come to this world… Those cards are very special because they were created by a powerful magician named Li Clow… Each of them posses their own life and have amazing powers… If we let them be free, a normal person will never take control over them… That’s why the Magician Clow created this book… And I’m on the front page as the guardian that protects this book…
Sakura: Hmmm…
Kero: So I have to seal back the cards… So I need you to help me with that!
Sakura: What?!... And why I have to do it?
Kero: You were the one that released them by using the powers of Windy
Sakura: But is supposed that your work is protecting those cards with a special seal… Right?!
Kero: Umm… Is because I fell asleep hehehe…
Sakura: For how many time?
Kero: Umm… Well… 30 years…
Sakura: And you are the Guardian that keeps sealed the cards?
Kero: Well, in this life you can be everything you wish, let it be!
Sakura: Those strange noises were your snores?
Kero: Well, I want to let you know that if you could open this book that means that you have some magic… Tell me girl, what is your name?
Sakura: Sakura
Kero: Ok, Sakura step in that place.
Kero: Key of the seal, here’s someone that accepts to receive that mission. She’s a girl, and her name is Sakura. Key, let this girl to use your powers, Release!
Kero: Sakura, take the staff!
Kero: Perfect! A new Card Captor is born!
Sakura: What?!?!

Sakura: It’s gonna be impossible. I’ll never be able to do it. It’s too much for me!
Kero: Yay, your bed is really soft! Hehe
Sakura: I’m telling you that I can’t be a Card Captor!
Kero: Card Captor, you’re gonna be in charge of sealing the Clow Cards. Isn’t that awesome?!
Sakura: I’m just an elementary student. I can’t save this world from the chaos!
Kero: And can you tell me who used this card to set the others free?
Sakura: And who fell asleep and failed to protect the cards?
Kero: *Screaming*
Sakura: The wind is blowing really strong!
Kero: Sakura!
Sakura: What is that?
Kero: It’s a Clow card! That should be the Fly card…
Kero: It’s not the time for watching it! Be quick!
Sakura: What are you talking about?
Kero: This is the first job for Card Captor Sakura!
Sakura: Huh?!?!
Sakura: *Screaming*. I didn’t want to come in pajamas!
Kero: The only Card Captor in the world shouldn’t care about that!
Sakura: It’s too big, I can’t beat him…
Kero: Stop it! Yes, you can!
*Sakura screams*
Sakura: *Sigh*
Kero: Sakura, use your powers!
Sakura: Huh?
Kero: Use the key. Do it the same way as I taught you!
Sakura: *Nods* Mhm
Sakura: Key that holds the power of darkness. Reveal your true form to me. I Sakura, under our contract, command thee. Release!
Kero: Pay attention Sakura, the card Fly can be captured with Windy. You can be totally sure that you’ll beat it with Windy.
Sakura: Are you sure?
Kero: It’ll be better to get closer
Both Sakura and Kero: *Scream*
Sakura: *Screams* What are we going to do? It’s attacking us
Kero: Sakura, use the Windy Card!
Both Sakura and Kero: *Scream*
Kero: Faster, use the Windy Card!
Sakura: But not yet, I will not be able to use it!
Kero: You can do it; you’re a Card Captor, right?!?!
Sakura: I can do it? You may be right…
Kero: What are you doing? Don’t run, don’t leave me alone! *Screams*
Sakura: Now, transform into chains of justice. Windy!
Sakura: Return to the humble form that you deserve. Clow Card!
Kero: You did an awesome job Sakura!
Sakura: *Screams* For a moment I thought I would die!
Kero: I have my hopes up; you can be a great Card Captor!
Sakura: It’s not true. I never told you that I wanted to do this!
Kero: With the more experience you get the more strong you’ll be. Hahaha
Kero: Well, we captured our first card. We’ll prove it now!
Sakura: And what kind of things I can do with it?
Kero: Try it and you’ll discover it soon.
Sakura: Fly!
Sakura: *Excited*
Kero: Wow, It’s really beautiful right?
Sakura: Yeah
Kero: I hope we’re gonna be great buddies Card Captor Sakura
Sakura: Yes… Uhh… But I told you I’m not doing this again
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Episode 1: "Sakura and the Mysterious Book."
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