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This is the Forum that FandubStudiosAi (YouTube Username) created for the Card Captor Sakura Fandub. You may join us if you want! ;)
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 Rules For Auditioning

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PostSubject: Rules For Auditioning   Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:02 am

Hi! This are the rules for auditioning!

Hello! To audition there are some rules.

Audition's Video:

Well let's Begin with the most basic information.

Our WHOLE Fandub Team will divide into:

-Voice Actors and Actresses
-Script Writers
-Technical Team

(NOTE: You can audition for the three categories and get casted for the three categories, not for being in one it means you can't audition for the others)

Voice Actors and Actresses:

Your rules for auditioning will be the same as for every other fandub on YouTube.

1. Must have a good mic. We do not want loud noise or noticeable static.
2. Must sound at least a little like the japanese/spanish voice actor.
3. Do not beg for the roll you want. If you're good you will be casted.

(The lines that you should use to audition are showed in the "English Script" part of the forum)

Script Writer

You actually don't have to audition. Just tell me that you want to help with the scripts, but you should watch the show first.

Technical Team

What you have to do is show me your work. As simple as that. Show me a video with a fandub audio-video mixing you did. If you haven't done any fandub but you want to be part of the Technical Team what you should have to do is take ANY show (not necessarily Card Captor Sakura), record your voice and mix it with music in a show video. Since you're auditioning for Technical Team it's not necessarily that your record voice sounds great.

(NOTE: If you're also auditioning for Voice Actor/Actress you will actually have to sound good.)

So those are the rules for auditioning.

Good Luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Rules For Auditioning   Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:46 pm

I would like to audition, if its ok, but I have one question. Where do I post the audition? Do I post a video on youtube as a reply to the audition video?
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Rules For Auditioning
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