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This is the Forum that FandubStudiosAi (YouTube Username) created for the Card Captor Sakura Fandub. You may join us if you want! ;)
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:37 pm

If we want our Forum to be organized, we have to state some Rules. It may be bored to read them, but it's very important. So please help us organizing the forum by following this rules. If you don't help us with following this rules we will have to take some several actions as banning.

You can email me to if you have any doubt about the forum, the rules, the fandub, the anime, etc.

The rules are kinda long. First it comes the name of the rule and then a description of it. If you think you understand the rule with just reading it's name it's not necessary to read the description.


1. No bad words. Well we don't have so much to explain about this rule because I'm pretty sure you know what I'm referring to. Also, you can't replace a bad word with symbols, so this is not permitted: ****! or f***!, or sh**!. Using this will also result in a ban.

2. I don't want to see rude comments, fights, flaming, etc. Please refrain from doing this.

3. Do NOT criticize. The only exception to this rule is the following: You can actually criticize if you are asked to do it by the person you are going to criticize.

4. No double posting. Please do NOT do it; I know some people that do the following "Mmmhhh... I have a question, so I'm going to post a new topic. *Posts the topic*. Ready now I only have to wait for answers. *1 Week Later*. Oh, so bad I didn't get any answer. Well I will post a new topic and see if I get and answer this time *Posts a second topic asking the same question*". Please do NOT do this. If you don't get an answer by posting it the first time, you can send me a Private Message and I will answer if I can.

5. Don't ask to be a Moderator of the Forum. I have planned that the Moderators are going to be the Technical Team of the Fandub. The Technical Team are those that are going to help with the audio and video mixings. More information about this is soon to come!

6. Don't beg for a roll in the fandub, you have to audition and earn that roll. Well, you will not be banned if you do it but there are less possibilities that you can get the roll you want.


Those six are the basic rules, If you follow them you will help us to keep the forum organized and also following those rules will lower the chance of getting banned ;D.

Thanks for your attention.

-CorrectorAi, Owner of the forum.
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Forum Rules
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